Mesh Banner Products

    Mesh Banner Printing

    Outdoor Wind Resistant Mesh Banners

    Mesh Banners are mainly used for large format outdoor advertising on buildings, scaffold advertising banners, cafe barriers and printed fence panels. Holes in the material allow air to pass through making them suitable where wind-loading on structures could be an issue.

    PVC Mesh Printed to Any Size

    We print mesh pvc and fabric on machines up to 5 metres wide and use the very best materials available. Choose 330gsm Mesh PVC, 265gsm AirMesh PVC or 115gsm AirMesh Flag Fabric.

    We produce smaller windproof banners suitable for fence advertising and scaffolds as well as huge building wraps and giant mesh banners which we weld together in sections. Super-strong, our banners are designed and engineered to stand up to the elements when fitted correctly.

    Mesh Banners are ideal for…

    • Larger Banners not fixed to a solid backing – such as on lamp post brackets or scaffolding. Mesh reduces the wind loading on structures. Check our range of Scaffold Banners.
    • Cafe Banners – Allowing wind to pass through reduces the risk of Cafe Barrier posts being blown over.
    • Fence Advertising – By reducing the wind load, fences are less likely to be blown over in high winds.
    • Speaker covers at concerts – Mesh banner fabrics are acoustically transparent and are often used at festivals and concerts as speaker stack scrim.
    • Tennis Court Windbreaks – Used widely around Europe and the UK to provide wind screening and advertise events and sponsorships.

    Full Colour Mesh Banners

    We print in CMYK full colour onto Mesh Banner Materials, so your design can include any colours, effects, text, logos or photographs you require.

    Waterproof and Fadeproof

    Waterproof and UV-stable, our Mesh Banners will continue to look great for years outdoors.

    Flame Retardant

    Our materials are all flame retardant and comply with the latest building regulations.

    Mesh Banner Finishing

    Crucial to the longevity of any mesh banner is the quality and specification of the finishing. As standard we provide high specification and strong hems, eyelets and/or pole pockets.

    Acoustically Transparent

    Our Mesh Banners also work superbly as speaker covers and scrims at concerts, being acoustically transparent.