What is a Vinyl Banner? Plastic PVC banners are a form of outdoor advertising. The majority of banners are currently digitally printed on large format printing machines which print in full colour. The most common material used is a heavyweight plastic called PVC. The weights of the different banner substrates vary, and banners can be double- or single-sided depending on material choice.

Vinyl Mesh Banner material contains tiny holes which allow air and wind to pass through.

A high-frequency weld, stitching or banner hem tape are also used to secure the hems nicely, and also offer the insertion of grommets/ eyelets which secure the banner to fences, railings or walls.

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What Size is a Vinyl Banner?

We can print banners of any size, so big that they cover the side of a building. Larger banners are typically printed on a unique mesh PVC material so that some wind can pass through.

How is a Vinyl Banner Printed?

We print our banners using an Electronically printed UV-curable inkjet process. UV printing provides superior durability in a range of climates as well as UV-fading resistance.

Some of the fastest grand style inkjet printers are capable of printing approximately 3,000 square feet (280 m2) per hr. The old fashioned technique of banner-making would be Vinyl lettered banners: manufactured by applying individual cut graphics and letters from self-adhesive vinyl by a computer-driven vinyl cutter. This technique is currently uncommon with the arrival of large style printing.

How is a Vinyl Banner Finished?

Hem and eyelets are the most common finish of a PVC banner. Hems give extra strength, and then the grommets are inserted through the hem. Eyelets: (or grommets) are little (normally 11.5 mm size inner) metal rings secured into the banner hem which allow rope, clips or bungee cable to be attached to the banner to assist you to hang your banner.

Scaffold banners use pockets for scaffold poles. Hung banners can have a post pocket near the bottom to hold a weighted bar which can add tension to the display screen and also prevent it from billowing up. Vinyl banners have numerous uses and many applications.

Uses For Vinyl Banners

Given that vinyl is exceptionally versatile as well as portable material, you can see vinyl banners nearly anywhere. Plastic banners are frequently viewed as signboards, table banners, trade convention banners, trade shows, banner stands, street banners, and event banners.

Banners are an ideal advertising Medium. It’s approximated that 40% of business generated on the high street in from in or out store advertising. So they’re not only popular but additionally give a fantastic ROI. The market for banners is deep as well as vast.

Different Types of Vinyl Banner

Eco-Friendly PVC-Free ‘Vinyl’ Banners

PVC Vinyl is a difficult material to recycle. Many vinyl banners end up in landfill, taking decades and decades to break down, releasing harmful toxins as they do. We now have Eco Banners, which use similar but now fully recyclable materials instead of PVC Vinyl.

Mesh Vinyl Banners

Mesh Banner material features thousands of tiny holes which allow wind to pass through. It can be printed and finished in much the same way as standard vinyl banner material. Mesh is used for more exposed banners such as those high up on scaffolding, on heras fence panels or for cafe banners.

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