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What is the Average PVC banner size?

The simple answer to this question, there isn’t one. We manufacture banners to all sizes, and each order is different from the next.

What size banner should I order?

Banner size is a question we get asked a lot, and it’s not an easy one to answer. In all honesty, It’s not a question that we can respond to with any accuracy. We can manufacture banners at any size. Banners, unlike business card and letterheads, are custom made to clients requirements meaning most banners we produce are nearly all different. Each order placed with us is a custom order, meaning we don’t run a batch of 3m x 1m banners or 2m x 2m banners. As our items are bespoke means that we cannot supply pdf templates for every size. When ordering a 3m x 1m banner, please set your artwork to that size and create and provide us with artwork that matches the size ordered.

Never guess an important question

We’ve heard many responses over the years to a sizing question when we are not forthcoming. Even though we try to help, it’s difficult for customers to grasp our unwillingness to commit. The usual questions would be ‘How big does my banner need to be’? or ‘well you’re the experts’. Yes, agreed! We are experts in manufacturing banners, but sadly we are not experts in a limitless number of scenarios. We’d be foolish to advise on  the viewing distance of a banner being passed by a train at 80mph with a banner position of approximately 100 feet away. Yes, we have been asked this exact question with the client wanting to know how many images they could have and what size text would we recommend? When we couldn’t answer truthfully, the response was ‘well your the banner experts’ followed by some words not suitable for this blog. The bottom line is that we are not in a position to pick sizes out of thin air and hope for the best. If we were to suggest a standard go-to size and the customer agrees and the receives a banner but then it’s too large or too small then it’s not going to look good on us. So we won’t give a definitive answer, we can only advise and hope that our clients can decide for themselves.

If you are unsure, then let’s discuss the options.

Measure your space

The first place to start is to measure the space available. Measuring the space available is always the best way to start. For example, You are selling mobile homes, and you have a fence at the front of your site, which is ideal for showcasing an offer. The wall is 100 feet long and 8 feet in height (metric 30.5m x 2.44m). Now in this situation, you wouldn’t see the impact of a 6 feet x 2 feet banner. A banner at that size would look ridiculously small. Again we wouldn’t be able to advise on the exact size, but we would respond and suggest that this size is way too small.

The opposite would apply to your nans birthday party. We wouldn’t advise on a 100 feet x 8 feet banner to hang up at your local village hall.

Measure your space with a tape measure and then work out the size you require. The size of your banner will be determined firstly by how much space you have available and how large you would like your banner. Also bear in mind the cost implications. Each of our banner pages has an on-page price calculator. Enter your sizes, and the web page will give you an instant costing. If you are happy with the cost, then please create your artwork at that size and upload once you have completed your artwork.

Know your viewing distance

Viewing distance is an essential question. What distance will your audience be viewing the banner? Remember the text needs to be readable at your ideal viewing distance. Text size depends on numerous factors. What is the typeface used? Make sure that your text is large enough to read. How large do letters need to be readable at different distances? Some type is easier to read at a distance. Also, think about the colour contrast? Black and white being the most contrasting means the text will be more easily readable. Here is a list of viewing distances and minimum legible text sizes. We base the text sizes of somebody with perfect eyesight using Helvetica Medium typeface.

Distance – Text height
2 feet – 3mm
3 feet – 4mm
5 feet – 6mm
7 feet – 7mm
10 feet – 9mm
15 feet – 15mm
35 feet – 30mm
50 feet – 45mm
150 feet – 150mm
200 feet – 175mm
600 feet – 600mm

Keeping it simple

A roadside banner which contains loads of text and images isn’t going to perform? You should make sure that the banner has only essential information. There’s no need for email addresses, Facebook and Instagram addresses. To be effective, the customer wants to know three things.
1. Who you are
2. What you’re selling
3. How to get in touch

Know your audience

Remember, you must know your audience. Suppose you’re producing artwork for a birthday banner containing embarrassing pictures which are undoubtedly being viewed up close? In this instance, it’s OK to have small images and text. Say for example; you are promoting an offer outside your store? Its an idea to make the punchline large and remove any contact details as your already outside the store. Take notice of how the big boys do things, does your local Dominos pizza shopfront signage display a telephone number or website? I doubt it, so keep it simple and on point.

Common sense

Most of the subjects we have discussed are pretty obvious. Whether choosing a size or designing and creating a banner, think about your size, viewing distance and layout. Remember to keep things simple. Couple that with some good quality graphics, type and design knowledge then you’re onto a winning formula.

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