With such a variety of window graphics films on the market it can be confusing trying to decide which one might be best for your project. Here, we explain the different types available from Banner World.

Self-adhesive Vinyl Graphics


Self-adhesive vinyl window graphics

Self-adhesive vinyl graphics can be in the form of cut letters, cut to shape logos, stripes or full window flooding. There is a huge range of colours, along with printable vinyls and special effect films such as metallics. These can all be applied to the outside or the inside of windows.

Relatively easy to apply with a little practise, these graphics are termed as semi-permanent. They can be removed – usually by warming them up first with a hairdryer or heat gun – but are not reusable.

Best for semi-permanent or permanent window displays.

Glass-Etch or Window Frosting


Glass-Etch Vinyl Window Graphics

Glass-etch vinyl or window frosting is a semi-transparent self-adhesive vinyl which gives the effect of etched or frosted glass. Usually applied from the inside of the window, glass-etch is often intricately cut with lettering and designs.

Glass-etch offers some privacy as it cannot be easily seen through.

Ideal for semi-permanent and permanent window graphics. This vinyl can be removed with a scraper and heat gun but cannot be re-used.

One Way Vision Film


One Way Vision Window Graphics

One-Way Vision Film is remarkable. Once it is applied to the outside of a window, you will see a full-colour image. From the inside, however, One Way Vision Film gives the effect of tinted glass with an unobstructed view of the outside world.

Ideal for offices and retail environments which require some privacy without losing the ability to see out.

One Way Vision Film is a semi-permanent window graphics solution. It is removable but not re-usable.

Static Cling Window Graphics


Static Cling Window Stickers

Static Cling window stickers use no adhesive – just static – to cling to clean and dry glass, perspex and metal surfaces.

They can be trimmed to size or specially cut to shape and will look as vibrant and effective as more permanent vinyl graphics.

Usually placed on the inside of windows, our static clings can be easily removed and used over and over again.