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Water bottle window

How To Apply Static Cling Window Film

Please ensure glass is clean and free from dust and contaminants.   You should clean the glass prior to installation with a solvent ideally methylated spirits.
Using a dry cloth apply some to the cloth and wipe the window thoroughly.  Please ensure that the solvent have dried and has not come into contact with the static cling material prior to installation.

STEP 2Folded paper
Peel the static cling away from the release liner.  For future use of the material please keep the liner.

Your graphics can be laid back on the liner for storage so you can use them at a later date

STEP 3Spray window
On Large graphics please use a spray bottle to aid installation.
1.  Place a small drop of washing up liquid into an empty spray bottle and fill with water.
2.  Spray the window all over with a light film.  Spray the face of the graphics that you want adhering to the window.
3. Place graphic gently on window by hand
4. Level and slide into position.  Re lift where necessary and remove creases. Once graphic is laid flat on glass give the decal another spray.

5. Using a squeegee or similar working from the centre squeeze the liquid from the film.

6. Wipe dry excess water from window

Smaller graphics can be applied to the glass by hand smoothing down from end to end by hand, lifting and rubbing out any air bubbles.

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Static cling is designed for short term indoor use
The graphics are not be used in extreme light and heat conditions.  Decals that are in direct sunlight for prolonged will deteriorate.  In These circumstances the solvents in the inks can adhere to the window which will ruin the graphics.


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