Choosing your perfect printed backdrop or drape Choosing your perfect printed backdrop or drape

Banner World produce a wide range of band stage and theatrical backdrops on a superb range of materials. We have grown into one of the largest UK manufacturers and suppliers of printed custom band backdrops, theatrical printed drapes and printed press backdrops.

210 gsm polyester
Ideal for standard applications

Our most popular material is a polyester 210gsm. The material is a knitted polyester fabric. Our polyester 210 backdrop can be easily folded, like a sheet or similar, thus creating a small manageable package which aids transportation. This material is ideal for frontlit applications. This means it is ideal to be used against walls or used as a background drape.

240 gsm blockout fabric with black resin backing
Ideal for not showing light through

Blackback Pro is ideal to be used when you require no light show through. Blackback Pro is very similar to the polyester on the printed face, the only real difference is that the material has a black, rubberised blockout liner on the reverse of the material. This blockout liner stops any show through of light from behind the backdrop. The material can also be folded for easy storage.

Ideal for lightweight applications.

Our Veil Material is ideal for lightweight applications. The 52gsm fabric is very fine. This product does show light through from the reverse so can be used to create different effects. This material is very light in weight and can be folded up when not in use.


The print materials start out as a white fabric which is then printed using a dye sublimation technology. All backdrops are printed at 1440dpi. This process allows us to print full colour with a wide colour gamut.

We can manufacture your backdrop with hem and eyelets, stitched edges, pole pockets or a combination of these finishing options.

Hem and Eyelets
Hem and eyelets allow you to tie the backdrop to a rig using tie wraps or bungee cord.

Pole pockets
We can finish with a Pole pocket which can be used to either go over a scaffold tube or similar. Alternatively a cord, rope or wire can be inserted through a top pocket. Pockets can be made to any size. A standard scaffold tube would require a 150mm flat pocket.

Stitched edges
All edges without pockets or hems will be stitched as standard. This stitching will stop your backdrop or drape fraying on the edges.


We produce backdrops and drapes up to any size! For dye-sublimation printing, our materials come in giant rolls up to 3.2m wide. Much larger cloths are stitched together.

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