How do you generate more sales for your printing business?

There are many ways to generate more sales for a printing business. Whether it be physical marketing, i.e. printed banners or flyers, maybe email campaigns or Facebook posts, there are many possibilities of adding new clients to your business. 

Special offers and promotions

Special offer campaigns are an effective way of gaining new customers. Large companies use promotional campaigns to drive sales which can have amazing results. Two for one offers, or cut-price deals are examples of campaigns that offer real results.

So how are the big players so successful in gaining so many new customers and generating more sales? The honest answer is they are smart, really smart. These guys know the value of what a new customer is worth, even if that means that they don’t make any profit from the original sale. They know the exact cost of generating a new customer. Whether that figure is £1, £5, £10 or fifty quid, they’ll know the average customer acquisition figure. Clever marketers bring new clients to the table, hoping they become repeat customers, which is the ultimate goal.

Gaining repeat custom

You run a special offer on business cards. One thousand cards for the price of 500. You get lots of interest in the offer and more sales and leads because everyone loves a bargain. The half-price business card offer could be a loss leader, meaning that you onlt just break even. However, you have gained happy clients. Offering a really good deal on the cards means that you have now serviced many clients, and hopefully, you’ve now got their contact details, added them to your mailing list and have built rapport with the customer. The next time your clients need more cards or other items printing, you will hopefully be their first point of contact.

Generate more sales outsourcing products

Outsourcing can be very profitable. Spending less time manufacturing and focusing your energy on selling is becoming more and more common in printing businesses. Your profit margin can sometimes be slightly less when outsourcing as you pass the job onto someone else who makes money on the manufacturing process. However, overall the profitability will usually be more which might seem like a crazy contradictive statement. Outsourcing is a numbers game; the more throughput your business creates, the more revenue it generates. Spending less time printing and more time selling means selling more products and getting through more work giving you more time to spend on your more profitable business areas. Say you decided to sell PVC banners. You may have the equipment but its time consuming to do. Outsourcing your banners to a company like ours saves you time, and you’ll most probably make a similar margin.

Start selling more printed products.

Adding more products to your catalogue is an effective way of generating more revenue streams. Offering more products is a fantastic strategy to make your printing business a one-stop shop and a go-to business in your area. You could advertise vehicle signwriting for your tradesmen and subcontract the work to a local signwriter. Offering construction signs or fence banners to your mailshots or Facebook adverts can generate extra sales on each order. More products entice more clients, which means more word of mouth, equalling more sales.

What is a unique selling point (USP)?

A unique selling point is something that makes your business stand out from the competition. Unique selling points could be one of the following.

Price. Do you offer better pricing?

Quality. Are your products of better quality?

Service. Do you offer a better quality of personal service to other print companies?

Turnaround. Do you offer a faster service?

There are many more examples of USP’s. A unique selling point is a sales offering and a specific benefit that other printing companies are not offering. What makes Amazon so successful, and what is their USP? Amazon has many USP’s. Take Amazons delivery service. Most items are delivered the next day, and they are so streamlined you can purchase nearly anything in 2 clicks. They offer a huge range of goods at the lowest prices in the marketplace. Finding a USP in today’s world is more important now than it was before. With more competition than ever, it’s important to make your printing business stand out from the competition.

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