If you’re looking for a banner that’s a little more unique, such as a circular or trapezium shape, it’s important to know how to accurately calculate the size and shape for your order. At Banner World, we offer a range of PVC banner printing, fabric backdrops, and fabric banners, all of which can be calculated using our online calculator. This calculator works on a square metre calculation based on how many square metres of material a banner consumes.

To calculate any banner shape that’s not rectangular or square, you’ll need to provide us with your desired banner’s total height and length. It’s important to leave a note regarding the shape of your banner when ordering, as this information is crucial for production. Additionally, it’s crucial to create the artwork to the exact shape of your desired banner or send artwork at scale, so 1:2 scale, 1:5 scale, 1:10 scale, etc. 

Ordering an Unconventional Shaped Banner

If you need a banner that isn’t a standard rectangular shape, you can still order it from us. However, following the correct steps is important to ensure that your banner is produced to your exact specifications. Here’s what you need to know about ordering a strange-shaped banner.

Calculating the Banner Size

To calculate the size of your banner, you’ll need to provide us with the total height and length. You’ll need to enter the same height and width measurements for circular banners. For trapezium-shaped banners, you’ll need to enter the total height and width; the same applies to triangular banners.

If you’re unsure how to calculate your banner’s size, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team for assistance.

Creating Artwork to the Exact Shape

Once you’ve calculated the size of your banner, you’ll need to create artwork that matches the exact shape of your desired banner. For example, if you order a circular banner, your artwork should be a perfect circle. If you’re ordering a trapezium-shaped banner, your artwork should match the banner’s shape.

It’s also important to ensure that your artwork is the correct size and resolution. You can send artwork at scale, so 1:2 scale, 1:5 scale, 1:10 scale, etc. Setting your artwork to the correct size ensures that your artwork is produced to the correct size and resolution.

Notes to Add When Ordering

When placing your order, it’s important to add any notes regarding the shape of your banner. Adding notes will help our production team ensure your banner is produced to your specifications. You can add notes in the finishing section of the ordering process on the product page. Additional notes can be added at the checkout if required.

Please note that we do not offer hemming on circular banners. Circular banners cannot be hemmed as a circle because a hem can only be straight. 

Hemming and Eyelets

Most banners come with hem and eyelets as standard finishing options. Hemming involves folding the edges of the banner material and welding it in place to create a clean, finished edge.

If your irregular-shaped banner has straight edges, we can hem and eyelet it like a standard rectangular banner. However, if your banner has curved or irregular edges, hemming isn’t possible, and the only option is to trim your banner to shape. We can still add eyelets to a banner with curved edges if required.

Add a cut line

If you require a specifically shaped banner, you can also provide us with a vectored cut line. The cut line should be provided separately from the print file. Please ensure that both the cut and print files are set on the same size document so that they match when we overlay them. Alternatively, you can add the cut line in a separate layer if working in Adobe Illustrator. Please label this layer clearly as ‘cut line.’

Setting artwork at scale

Large artworks can be set as scale. Please ensure you set the artwork to either 1:2, 1:5, or 1:10 scale. Please also ensure that your file is accompanied by a cut line that uses the same scale and dimensions as the print file.

Specific eyelet positions

If you require specific eyelet positions, please provide them within the cut line. Please set the eyelet’s positions as 10mm magenta dots. Dots should be 10mm at full size, so scale accordingly on scaled artwork.


Banner print file

Fig 1: Print file

Bannerr cut file

Fig 1: Cut file with eyelet positions

Trapezium-Shaped Banner printing

Trapezium-shaped banners are a unique and eye-catching way to promote your business or event. To order a trapezium-shaped banner, you must enter the total height and width on our on-page calculator. We can then create a custom shape that fits your dimensions and specifications.

For finishing options on trapezium-shaped banners, we recommend using hemming and eyelets. Hemming with eyelets creates a clean, finished edge that is easy to attach to various surfaces.

Triangular Shaped Banner printing

Triangular banners are another popular choice for trade shows, events, and promotions. To order a triangular banner, you must provide the total height and width to the furthest points on the banner’s left, right, top, and bottom.

For finishing options on triangular banners, we recommend using hem and eyelets. We can produce a triangle banner if the top edge is horizontal with a pointing downward triangle with a single top pole pocket.


Ordering an irregular-shaped banner doesn’t have to be difficult. By following these steps and providing accurate measurements and artwork, you can ensure that your banner is produced to your exact specifications. Remember to add any notes to your order if your order is not a standard rectangular banner. 

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