Latest Government Guidelines have stated that all shops and businesses can open to the public from the middle of June 2020 – as long as they are ‘Social-Distancing-Ready’.

Being ‘Social-Distancing-Ready’ will primarily involve the following for businesses…

Observing Social Distancing

Current advice is that staff and customers should be able to remain 1-2m apart.

This includes limiting the amount of customers inside a business. Signs and graphics should clearly note this, and some form of queing system outside the store needs to be implemented. This can be achieved using external posters, banners and floor graphics, plus outside barriers such as portable posts which can display banners between them.

Inside the store you can use floor graphics to initiate a one-way system and impose social distancing at checkouts. One way systems through aisles will also help, implemented by ‘No Entry’ floor graphics and large arrows.

Hand Sanitising Provision

Sanitisation points, usually at entrances and exits, will need to be clearly marked out for customers. This can be done by using a combination of floor graphics and posters.

Closing some areas

Some areas of stores or hospitality businesses may have to remain closed because social distancing will be impractical to implement. These areas will require clear signage.

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