Banner World offers various Cafe Barrier systems, available with multiple banner options. Options include Mesh Cafe Banners, Fabric Banners, Canvas Banners and PVC Cafe Banners, with a choice of single-sided and double-sided options.

Budget Cafe Barrier System

Our low-cost cafe banner system is fantastic for an inexpensive cafe banner solution. The Chrome plated posts have a weighted base and weigh 10.5kg. The Budget cafe banner system is ideal for sheltered outdoor use or indoor use. If you are in a windy or exposed area is would be better to choose the Select, Premium or Ultimate system as they have heavier bases.

The system comprises of a single rail top and spring clips at the bottom. The banners for this system are manufactured with pole pocket top and eyelets in each bottom corners.

PVC banner single sided full colour printed

Banner size including the top pocket

1200mm rails: 975mm wide x 850mm height

1500mm rails: 1275mm wide x 850mm height
2000mm rails: 1775mm wide x 850mm height


Select Cafe Banner System

The select system is the same as the budget system mentioned above. The only difference is the heavier 16kg bases.



Style Cafe Banner System

The style cafe banner system is finished using a black matt powder coating. The bases on this system are 12kg. The system is ideal for indoor or sheltered outdoor use. If wind exposure or adverse weather conditions are an issue, then we advise using either a Select, Premium or Ultimate system. The spring clips and rails are also coated black to match the system.

The Style system has a rail top and spring clips at the bottom. Banners ordered with this stymie with feature a single top pole pocket and eyelets in the bottom corner for the spring clips.

Style Cafe Banners

Banner size including the top pocket

1200mm rails: 975mm wide x 800mm height
1500mm rails: 1275mm wide x 800mm height
2000mm rails: 1775mm wide x 800mm height



Premium Cafe Banner System

Our premium cafe banner system is Chrome plated and features rails top and bottom. We manufacture this system from mostly stainless steel. Some components are Chrome plated. This system is ideal for indoors and outdoors use. The bases, including the posts, are 18kg. With more substantial bases, the premium system is more suited to higher wind exposure.

The banners produced for the premium system feature pole pockets top and bottom.

Fabric Banner for Cafe Barrier System

Banner size, including the top pocket

1200mm rails: 975mm wide x 900mm height
1500mm rails: 1275mm wide x 900mm height
2000mm rails: 1775mm wide x 900mm height



Ultimate Cafe Barrier System

If you require the best cafe banner system on the market, then look no further. We manufacture our Ultimate System from marine-grade stainless steel. This premium system will send up to the most demanding environments. This system is custom made to order. Lead times from order is 15-20 days dependant on peak times. The ultimate systems feature heavy-duty 19kg bases. The Ultimate System is also available with ground sockets. Ground sockets enable the posts to slot into the pavement or forecourt.

The ultimate system features rails top and bottom. If required the rails on this system can be custom lengths.

High Quality Cafe Barrier

Banner size, including the top pocket

1200mm rails: 960mm wide x 860mm height
1500mm rails: 1260mm wide x 900mm height
1800mm rails: 1560mm wide x 900mm height
2000mm rails: 1760mm wide x 900mm height



Banner Types available

PVC Single-sided 500gsm Cafe Banners

UV printed single-sided PVC. Printed full colour with a white reverse. PVC banners are a low-cost solution.

PVC Double-sided 650gsm Cafe Banners

UV printed double-sided PVC. Printed PVC on both sides. Heavyweight durable banner material.

Mesh Single sided PVC 330gsm

UV printed 330 gsm mesh material. Printed one side with a white reverse. Ideal if the wind is a problem. This material has air holes to let wind pass through. The mesh material is available single-sided only.

Fabric Single-sided cafe banner 240gsm

A waterproof fabric which doesn’t absorb water. This material is printed using dye-sublimation technology. Printed full colour in high definition. The reverse of this fabric is unprinted white.

Fabric double-sided cafe banner 520gsm

This material has a central block out liner stitched into the middle of the banner. Printed full colour using a dye sublimation print technology. This fabric is ideal for indoors and sheltered outdoor applications.

Canvas Cafe banners single-sided or double-sided

We manufacture our premium canvas banners from a heavy-duty marine-grade canvas. The graphics on these banners are heat pressed using single block colours. Our canvas banners can also full colour printed logos. Premium canvas cafe banners can have logos printed on one side or both sides. The marine-grade canvas material is a premium product. High-grade marine canvas cafe banners will last for years.

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