Although commonly associated with the filmmaking industry, a director’s chair is a type of printed seating that is used by a mix of different sectors, and considering the typically light, easily transportable and cost-effective design, it’s no surprise as to why.

Directors’ chairs are suitable for crew members during the production of a Hollywood movie, but they actually carry a number of key uses for both personal and commercial use. For instance, a director’s chair can be used as furniture for design within the home. Or, from a business point of view, they could be used to display effective, personalised advertisements as a casual form of marketing.

In this blog, we explain exactly what directors’ chairs are before looking at the types of industries that use them and how you can get your own.

What are directors’ chairs?

Traditionally created out of wood with a canvas back support, directors’ chairs are standalone pieces of furniture that are designed to seat individuals. Fitted with armrests and structured in a way that allows the user to fold it away while not in use, the director’s chair has become an iconic design that has stood the test of time and remains popular today.

Directors’ chairs are commonly associated with big budget Hollywood movies as seating for cast and crew members, gaining popularity in the 1800s. However, many historians believe that director’s chairs were used by coffee makers as early as the 1400s. A smaller group even claim that a form of director’s chair may have even been used during the Roman times, taking the lifespan of the concept back thousands of years.

The director’s chair we recognise today was designed by the Gold Medal Furniture Company. They created it in 1892 and the response was extremely positive, leading to the company being given an award for excellence in design at the Chicago World’s Fair the following year. Since this point, the director’s chair has been commonly associated with legends of film such as Alfred Hitchcock, Cecil B. DeMille and Orson Welles, and many directors and crew members still use them today.

Printed Event Directors Chair

Printed Event Directors Chair

Do people use directors’ chairs?

Despite the title implying that they’re solely intended for people in the world of film, directors’ chairs are actually now used in a variety of industries.

For example, one of the most popular uses of directors’ chairs is at promotional events and trade shows. This is due to a number of reasons, such as how lightweight, foldable and easy to transport they are. Personalised directors’ chairs can also be purchased in bulk with a specific design added to the canvas backrest, so a company can promote their name, logo, slogan, contact information and services to potential customers in an eye-catching way.

Other people that typically use directors’ chairs include teachers, artists and anyone that enjoys the feel or design as part of the visual layout in their home or business.

Where can I buy a director’s chair?

Whether you need a director’s chair for a promotional event, as a gift for a friend or simply want one for yourself, you can order one through the Banner World website. And if you need multiple directors’ chairs, you can choose to order more than 50 in the same order.

By ordering through the Banner World website, you can also design the director’s chair yourself by uploading an image and providing any of your own personal specifications. Once you’ve carried out these simple steps, all you need to do is pay for your director’s chair, arrange to ship and it will be delivered to your home or business.

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