From infrastructure and construction services to governmental use and event organisation, Heras fencing is a respected brand offering high-quality temporary fencing solutions. Heras fencing consists of individual panels joined together by support braces and couplings and could be covered with a lightweight mesh banner that can also advertise your business.

Each panel has a thick border made from metal tubes and a grid in the middle. The grid spacing must be close enough to prevent people from getting through it and should adhere to HSG151 guidelines. The border is made from two tubes. The first is a short tube that sits along the bottom of the metal grid. The second is a much longer tube that is bent so it runs up one side, across the top and down the other side to form a rectangle when joined with the first pole.

The ends of these two tubes slot into concrete blocks, although sometimes these can be synthetic, forming small legs to support the weight of the panel and keep it from moving. Where multiple fences are required, they can be connected together with the help of anti-tamper couplers. The middle grid and metal poles are usually made from steel and come in either a galvanised or galvanised and powder-coated polyester finish, prolonging the lifespan of the fence.

Transparent mesh banner attached to a fence in front of a construction site.

How Much does Heras Fencing cost?

Many different companies offer purchase or rental of Heras fencing. Prices can start as little as £3.92 plus VAT per fence panel for a seven-day hire, with other businesses charging a lot more. Hiring is more common, as this kind of fencing is used on a temporary basis for the likes of construction sites. Hiring Heras fencing is highly convenient and much more cost-effective than buying.

What size are Heras Fence Panels?

An individual Heras fence panel is typically two metres (6ft 7”) tall with a width of 3.5 metres (11 ft). Note that certain variations of Heras fencing may differ in size. The following specifications are for a standard Heras fence panel:

  • Panel Dimensions Height: 2000m
  • Panel Dimensions Width: 3500mm
  • Finish: Galvanised
  • Heavy duty: 38.1mm all round frame
  • Horizontal Tube: 25.4mm
  • Vertical Tube: 38.1mm

Can I advertise on Heras Fence Panels?

Fence banners are an effective advertising solution for many reasons. Heras fence panels, for instance, are mainly used for infrastructure and on construction sites. Instead of keeping the panels empty with the plain metal structure, many businesses opt to wrap them with a fence cover to advertise their project.

They can also be used for concealing what might be an aesthetically displeasing development process and transform the site with attractive imagery for temporary solutions. Using a printed banner will not only help to keep any business endeavours under wraps and help avoid complaints if people are unhappy with the sight of construction, but the advertising opportunities are also endless.

You can use the perimeter as an attention grabber for your current project, prospective plans or simply company branding – with Heras printed banners you can advertise anything. Bystanders are more likely to notice methods of advertising such as this rather than online ads, as attention is heightened in outdoor environments, especially when printed on a large-scale banner. Additionally, unlike typical forms of outdoor advertising, it is rare that temporary fence covers need planning permission.

What material is used on Heras fencing?

Heras fencing banners are usually made from lightweight fabric, such as air mesh. Polyester fabric is preferred over the likes of PVC, as they are not as bulky, easily foldable and take up less space for transportation.

Polyester fabric is made from weaved mesh so that tiny spaces of air are formed to increase the level of airflow. This is to ensure that the banner can withstand the elements without risk of wear and tear. As well as being fully weatherproof for exposed conditions, air mesh fabric is scratch resistant and easy to attach to Heras fencing with cable ties.

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