In the midst of Winter, our thoughts may be far from those delightful days on the beach in Summer. But now is the time to start planning for any beach events your brand may be considering.

Beach events are full of happy potential clients, relaxing and having fun. What better opportunity to promote an event or product or brand? In this article, we discuss how you might benefit from beach events and what type of marketing strategies you can use.

A published study in 2016 from Natural England shows approximately 313 million coastal visits by English adults per year between March 2014 and February 2015. These visitors spent an average of £18 per visit, as opposed to £6 each in towns and cities and £6 each on countryside visits.

Coastal Visits

Opportunities For Beach Branding

Sponsored Beach Sports Events

Beach Advertising

Sponsoring a beach event with your branding is one of the most common forms of this type of marketing. Beach sports events such as surfing, beach football, volleyball, kitesurfing and more are always looking for sponsors.

There are opportunities here for beach flags, banners, branded deckchairs, pop-up-stalls, windbreaks and more.

Sponsor A Beach Cleanup

Beach Clean Up Plastic waste is a huge environmental issue, especially when it washes up on our lovely beaches. Most local councils organise regular volunteer clean-up days and it’s easy to sponsor these with your brand and benefit from some really positive PR. Our Eco-Friendly range of banners and flags are great for this purpose!

Photo Shoots

Beach Photo Shoots Shot on an amazing beach, photo shoots have that added feel-good factor. Superb for lifestyle brands to showcase new products, fashions and ad campaigns.

Solutions For Beach Branding

Solutions will need to be eco-friendly and fully removable, leaving no trace of your presence!

Sand Writing

Sand Writing Completely free, giant sand writing can make for awesome publicity shots and bespoke social media images. Have a go at recreating your logo – use pebbles or cones to mark out then ‘colour in’ or just write your message.

The bigger the better, especially if you have access to a drone or a high viewpoint to take stunning photos for PR releases.

Eco-Friendly Banners

Our eco-friendly banners look like normal vinyl banners but are 100% recyclable and pvc-free. Much safer for any environment, especially beaches! Banners can be laid flat on the beach or hung from temporary structures.

Branded Deckchairs

A firm favourite, branded deckchairs are ideal on the beach and really look the part.

Feather Flags

Feather Flags up to 5.5m high can be seen from some distance, making your event or brand easier to see and find. These are easy to stick straight into the sand.

Beach Windbreaks

Custom windbreaks are easy to transport and set up, making them ideal to use all Summer in as many venues as you like. Use them to segregate or mark out areas of your event or just as a backdrop.

Branded Gazebos

Branded pop-up Gazebos are wonderful for beach event branding. They stand out and will protect participants from the sun, wind and rain. They can be configured with just a canopy, full walls or half-height walls to suit.

Giant Flags

Giant Flags made from air mesh fabric can look incredible stretched out on the sands. Super-lightweight, these can be printed full colour at any size and easily pegged out on the beach. These are similar to our stadium pitch flags and can be custom made to any shape.

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