Feather flags are outdoor advertising solution printed in superb full colour. Available in a range of sizes, shapes and bases. Outdoor flags are a perfect solution for use inside and outdoors. Feather flags have a broad range of uses: a coffee shop, a car sales forecourt, petrol station, theatres, trade shows, beaches, and museums. We print our flags in full colour, meaning you can have any design you require.

Why choose a feather flag?

Feather flags have many benefits to other large-format advertising. Here are some of the main advantages of using a feather flag for promoting your brand or service.

  • They are a cost-effective form of advertisement.
  • The natural movement of a feather flag attracts the eye.
  • Easily transportable.
  • Versatile with a range of sizes and bases.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to assemble.

Each flag comes complete with a custom printed flag fabric, a fibreglass flag pole and a carry bag for ease of transport. Printed feather flags come with a range of bases if required. Each flag base has different properties, with the most common being a heavy-duty water base, which you can fill with water and, when full, weighs around 20kg. We also offer cross brace style bases, a solid metal heavy-duty base plate and two types of fixings for hard ground. The hard ground bases include a stainless steel ground spike and a corkscrew base, both of these bases make a perfect addition for flags that require fixing into sand, soil or grassed areas.

Flag base options

Feather flag shapes and sizes

Our range of beach flags come in 3 shapes which consist of original, quill and crest. In addition, the flags come in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes, so you will find a solution for any scenario which the largest coming in a giant 5m height (16.5 feet). Please see our page to  Order Feather Flags for more information for a full overview of our sizes and specifications.

Printed feather flags

Flag printing process

We print our flags single-sided on our dye-sublimation printers. The reverse of the flag is a mirror image of the front, which we call show-through. The reverse side maintains all the vibrancy of the front side, so when seeing the opposite side, graphics will appear in reverse. Having your message shown in reverse could be off-putting for some; however, a feather flag is most commonly used for brand awareness and seeing a logo in reverse is rarely an issue.

Printed flag material

We use 115gsm Polyester to manufacture our beach flags. Polyester is super lightweight and durable, which enables your flag to flutter with ease in the wind. Because the material is lightweight, this put less stress on the pole and base, which means your flag shouldn’t fall over in windy locations. The polyester material also allows high levels of wind permeability, enabling the wind to pass through the flag’s surface. Most of the competition uses a black sleeve for the pole pocket, stitching black fabric tubing into the side of the flag fabric. We do things differently, manufacturing the pole pocket from the printed material. A fully printed face makes for a more attractive flag which is a real benefit. Once we have printed your flags, we then professionally stitch and finish them using our in-house seamstresses.

Cleaning my printed flag

You can wash your feather flag fabric on a low temperature 30-degree wash. Another way for cleaning your feather flag could use a damp cloth. If you need to iron your flag, then do so on low heat. Polyester is a type of plastic, so please be very careful not to burn the fabric. Move the iron over the surface quickly and always ensure the iron is on a low setting.

Designing a feather flag

Firstly you will need to download your desired template from our product page. You can find the artwork templates under each product dropdown. When setting artwork on the template, make sure you keep text and important logos within the safe area. Background colours and images are ok to pass the safe zone. Your design should be plain and straightforward to get people’s attention. Simplicity is key here. Remember that your reader will view the flag in less than 3 seconds. Three seconds isn’t a long time, so keep your design basic and on point. Think about the use of bold/bright and contrasting colours to stand out from the crowd. You should consider the type of text used and opt for a simplistic style that is easily readable at a distance.

How long will my flag last?

Flag longevity is down to many external factors out of our control and isn’t a question to give a precise answer. The lifespan of your advertising feather flag will be determined by a variety of aspects, including; the weather condition, environment, products. 

There is no set amount of time for how long your flag will last, though you could increase lifespan if you treat your flag with care and attention. Indoor flags will last longer than outside plume flags because they don’t have the weather and other external aspects to contend with. However, high winds can result in tears and rips, so you need to take additional care not to leave your flag out when it’s too windy. Also, avoid snow as the extra weight of the snow can damage the flag and pole.

Additional flags can be ordered at any time to replace one that is damaged.

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