In an age when online marketing is an ever-growing market, we tend to forget the more traditional forms of advertising. When we talk about traditional forms, we talk about physical advertisements such as magazines, newspapers and signage. With technical advances in the last 20 years, large format printing has enabled the creation of a wide range of new, cost-effective advertising solutions. Custom Gazebo printing is a relatively new offering in the signage market with the technology coming available around the beginning of the millennium. So what is a printed Gazebo and do you need to buy one?

Branded Gazebo
Print Quality
Strong Construction

Trade Quality hexagonal profile frame

Quality Fabric

Waterproof outdoor-grade fabric

What is a printed Gazebo?

A printed gazebo is a pop-up shelter. Ideal for use at trade shows, exhibitions, markets etc. A printed gazebo is a metal frame complete with waterproof fabrics which can be quickly erected and dismantled in a few minutes, making it ideal for pop up shops, or events where a branded stall or booth is required.  

Branded Gazebo

Our gazebo printing service uses the latest in fabric printing technology. As standard, our Gazebo frames come with a full colour printed roof. We offer gazebo printing in 3 different sizes, 3m x 3m, 4.5m x 3m and the range-topping 6m x 3m. You can though have longer gazebos in which you can connect Gazebos next to each other to create a long run of outdoor shelters.

What Size Gazebo Should I Buy?

Banner World provide 3 sizes of Printed Gazebo:

These can be connected together to create larger event shelters.

Printed gazebo walls

You can choose from a variety of combinations. You can even add additional walls so you can swap and change your printed wall configuration. Gazebo walls have velcro on the top edge, which attaches to the roof canopy. On the wall sides, the edges of the fabric are hemmed and contain velcro tabs which securely wrap around the gazebo frame keeping your walls firmly in place. Our printed gazebo walls are available in 3 options which are: 

  1. Inside wall. Meaning the printed side is seen inside the tent.
  2. Outside wall. The printed graphic is visible on the outside of the tent.
  3. Double-sided walls. Printed graphic on both sides.

It’s important when ordering that you select the correct wall type. We manufacture our outside walls and inside walls differently, which means you cannot use them for both purposes. So please make sure you specify when ordering the wall types that you require.

Half Walls

Half-height walls, or half walls which come up to waist height or 0.78m are ideal for use on the front of your Gazebo. Having a half wall is very popular for individuals wanting to use their Gazebo as a serving counter or stall. It’s also common for walls to be half-height on the sides of you Gazebo as the user might want more interaction with the outside. 

Full Walls

Full walls are more popular on the rear wall of a branded tent. Standing at 2.1m height, you can use full walls to create an enclosure. If you require more privacy or want an area away from the wind and rain, then full walls will be a better option.

Walls with doors

We can create doorways on your printed walls if required. Does your canopy need a single vertical zip to make a flap? Does it need a double zip which can create a door or opening? A double zip uses two vertical zips which create a flap which enables you to roll up above the wall to create a doorway.

Gazebo printing process

We print our gazebos using a full-colour dye-sublimation print process. Dye-sublimation printing means your graphics won’t run and the print is resistant to fading. Our tent material is a heavy-duty 325gsm waterproof material. The material is polyester-based, with an internal polyester waterproof lining skin, meaning water is repelled and will not soak into the fabric. If it’s been raining, you can simply shake the cloth dry and store away for the next you want to use.

Heavy-duty Gazebo tent frames

Our gazebos use a heavy-duty aluminium 40mm frame with a double hexagonal profile, meaning they are super durable. Please be aware of cheaper inferior options on the market which are usually low quality. The hexagonal outside profile is 40mm x 40mm x 1mm while the inner profile is 35mm x 35mm x 1mm. Each frame comes complete with a carry bag with reinforced steel bottom, mounting pins, additional ropes and a hammer. You can also purchase 7.5kg weighted bases which slot over the frame legs to add more support in windy conditions.

Where can you use a custom gazebo?

Our Gazebos are one of our best selling products. What makes them a best seller is that printed gazebos have a multitude of different uses which means they are suitable for all types of events. Use them at celebrations or birthdays as outdoor bars. Maybe you have an upcoming gala where some brand awareness is essential to gain extra passing trade. Custom printed gazebos are an excellent choice to use at a farmer’s markets. Specifically designed for outdoor use, our printed gazebos are super strong and durable. However, they are great indoors too. We’ve created Gazebos for 1000’s of trade shows and exhibitions over the years.

A Gazebo you can use at any event

Use your printed gazebos for a variety of purposes:

  1. Do you have an upcoming party where outdoor shelter is needed? Or maybe a beer tent or outdoor sitting area.
  2. Events and Exhibitions. Perhaps it’s an exhibition or trade shows you are attending. Showcase all your products or services inside a professional branded Gazebo.
  3. Shopping Malls. Do you need an area to showcase your products inside a shopping precinct? Our printed gazebos have you covered. Excuse the pun!
  4. Farmers markets are another use for a printed gazebo tent. Setting up some tables to showcase your fresh produce is an excellent way to create sales.
  5. Festivals are another use of a printed gazebo. Be it an information booth or a beer service tent they offer a solution for any outdoor event.
  6. Are you organizing a recruitment drive campaign? We have produced printed pop-up tents for the army, police, RNLI and many other recognized organizations.

Branded Gazebo and artwork tips

Using our digital printing process means that you can supply us with any design that you require. We print our Gazebo in full photographic colour, meaning you can have any design or use any graphic effect you like. You can download artwork templates on our gazebo product pages. When designing make sure you use the product templates. When using the template, make sure that you create a separate layer for the artwork and keep one layer for the template and remember not to distort or resize the template. Use bold and bright colours and choose colours that contrast with each other. Use good quality images of products. Try not to add too much information. Your Gazebo is a brand awareness exercise at the end of the day so keep it simple. Logos, tag lines and contact details are all that is needed to create an effective custom gazebo design.

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