We produce custom printed tablecloths to your requirements. Sizes varies from table to table.

The question we get asked a lot is. ‘I need a table cloth, but I don’t know what size I need. It’s for a standard table?’

What is the answer?
Well, tables are generally different sizes, so the quickest and easiest way is to take x3 measurements. Once you know these measurements, it’s straightforward to determine the size cloth you require. While you are measuring its probably a good idea to draw a diagram similar to figure B (below)

Measuring a table cloth

So to calculate the size of the cloth correctly, you will need to measure – See figure A:
Table Length
Table Depth
Table Height
When measuring the table height or the drop you require to the floor, this can be as long or short as you require. Generally, most customers like the cloth to touch the floor, so if you need your material like this, please measure the total height of the table.

table cloth measurements

Once you have your measurements then add the measurements together – See figure B:

Height+Length+Height = total cloth length (Left to Right)

Height+Depth+Height = total cloth Depth (Front to Back)

How to measure a printed table cloth

How to set your artwork

It’s a good idea to create a grid as per figure C. This will help you to position the artwork correctly in exact positions.
When setting the artwork, please ensure that your logos are pointing the right way. So the logo on the rear of the table would be spun 180 degrees and will

appear on your artwork upside down.

Please note that the corner areas should be free from logos and text. The corner areas (grey sections) will drape and fold as per figure A.


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