Wall Graphics of one form or another have been around for millennia. The oldest currently known is a stencil of a Neanderthal’s hand in Maltravieso cave, Cáceres, Spain, which has been dated to be 64,000 years old. There is also a life-size painting of a wild pig in Sulawesi, Indonesia, dated at 45,000 years old.

Why do we use Wall Decor?

It is thought that early man used wall paintings to influence the success of hunts, offer protection from wild animals and to increase the abundance of prey.

Through the ages to the modern day, wall graphics have been used to inspire, to advertise or raise brand awareness, or to inform.

The advent of large format digital printing has led to an explosion in the use of creative and dynamic wall graphics both in the public and commercial spheres.

Prehistoric Wall Graphics

The Different Types of Wall Graphics

Using large format printing machines at up to 5m wide, many different materials can be used for wall decor. With full-colour printing as standard, there are no limits on design. Choose a scenic image, or simply your logo.

Custom Wallpaper

Custom printed wallpaper can be purchased as self-adhesive or ready to paste. Panels are usually printed in widths of 1.2m and installed just like normal wallpaper to create full wall edge-to-edge murals.

Wallpaper can be installed onto any smooth wall by almost anyone. It is designed to be semi-permanent – it can be removed but not re-used.

Custom printable wallpaper is available in various textures and is normally printed using the eco-friendly UV Printing method.

This type of wall graphic is easily washable by hand and has scuff-resistant qualities. When correctly installed it should continue looking awesome for years.

Printed Wallpaper

Vinyl Wall Decals

Vinyl wall decals are made from self-adhesive vinyl and usually cut to shape. Quotes, logos and simple drawings are the most popular types. They are often called ‘wall stickers’.

These usually look best when made from a matt-finish vinyl as this avoids unwanted reflections from internal lighting.

Easy to fit, wall decals come on a transfer tape. All you need to do is tack the transfer tape down in the required position and then squeegee the graphic to make it stick firmly to the wall.

A smooth surface is normally required, but certain types of self-adhesive vinyl can be used which will even stick to exposed brickwork.

Vinyl Wall Decal


Phototex is a unique and eco-friendly wall graphic material that is both repositionable and reusable.

It can be full colour printed and contour cut into shapes if required. Easy to install just by using a squeegee.

Ideal for any smooth surface, Phototex can be easily removed and repositioned to suit. This makes it a favourite wall graphic option for museums and galleries.

Phototex Wall Graphics

Blueback Paper

Blueback Paper is one of the most cost-effective large format graphic materials.

You will see Blueback used on outdoor Billboards, but is is also hugely effective as a cheap indoor wall covering option.

It is printed for you in panels at 1.2m wide and simply installed using ordinary wallpaper paste.

Because of it’s low cost, Blueback is a favourite choice for temporary exhibitions and displays.

Smooth Digital Wallpaper

Uses For Wall Graphics

Large format wall graphics are now so easy and cost-effective to produce that they are used in many sectors, from the home to industrial complexes.

Office Wall Graphics

Office wall graphics need to be simple to install, easy to clean and easy to maintain.

The most popular option is Custom Wallpaper, with Vinyl Wall Decals coming a close second.

Office wall graphics

Care Home Wall Murals

Hundreds of Dementia Care Homes across the UK have installed our popular Dementia Friendly Wall Murals.

These are produced using our Custom Wallpaper products and often depict bygone times such as traditional bakeries and other types of shops.

They have been shown to not only brighten up care home environments but to help to relieve stress amongst patients.

Dementia Wall Murals can be made to any design or size to suit any location.

Confectionery dementia wallpaper

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