Large Banners

We produce large banners on our 3.2 and 5 metre wide machines to any size. Panels are welded or stitched together to make huge displays, big enough to cover entire buildings.

Common large banner printing materials include PVC Banner, PVC Mesh, and a range of Fabrics.

Large banner printing is an art, we take care to carefully check artwork and to quality-check at every stage of printing and finishing.

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PVC, Mesh or Fabric? »

The type of banner material you choose will depend on location. Fabrics are better for indoor locations, PVC and Mesh for outdoors.

Where wind-loading on a structure is important, our mesh materials allow wind to pass through.

Large Banner Installation »

Banner Tension Frame

Traditionally used for flexface or illuminated backlit banners, there are now many low-profile banner tension frame systems on the market. Some allow the fast changeover of banners for seasonal promotions. These frames tension the banner like a drumskin, giving a solid sign effect. Check your tension frame specifications prior to ordering your banner – some require just additional material around the banner, some require specific pole pockets, some require a solid rubber edging welded in.

Wall Screws

Typically long length screws can be used, with large penny washers over the eyelets to protect the banner. It is vital to achieve the proper tension on banners fitted by this method – too loose and the wind will cause the banner to flap and affect hems and eyelets.

Bungee Ties

Once fixing points have been installed on the wall – typically large eye or hook bolts – bungee clips or ties can be used to attach to the banner eyelets. This method tensions the banner as well as allowing some ‘give’ when the wind hits, thus protecting hems and eyelets.

Wire Frame & Bungee

A steel wire frame can be run though eye bolts approximately 300mm outside the banner. Once the wire is tensioned, the banner can be fitted using a zig-zag of bungee cord. This gives the effect of a trampoline on its side, tensions the banner and allows some ‘give’ for high winds.

Get your banner size right

You can design your banner at actual size or to scale, depending on the software you use. Ensure that your final print file will scale up in proportion to the size of banner you have ordered.

Allow for Eyelets and/or Pole Pockets in your design

Ensure that no critical information is within 100mm of the edge of your banner design, this allows room for eyelets, hems and other finishing options. Background images and graphics are fine, just be wary of text, numbers and logos.

Your artwork should be set to CMYK

Set your artwork to CMYK, as this matches the print process. If your artwork is in RGB mode, the colours may not come out as expected.

Colour Matching

Colour matching to Pantone references is possible, but may take longer and will incur an extra charge. Files including pantone colours will be converted to CMYK unless you specify a colour match in your order.

Design Principles

Banners are first and foremost an advertising medium. Information displayed should be clear to read – consider how far away your target audience will be. If your banner is intended to be viewed from a distance then the contrast should be high and typefaces need to be legible. If you try to cram too much information onto a banner then the text may end up too small to read!

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Large Banners FAQ's »

How to make large banners?

Large banners are printed on super-wide machines capable of printing at over 3 metres wide, up to a huge 5 metres wide.

Large fromat banner printing machines such as thse can print onto a range of pvc, eco and fabric materials.

Even larger banners are printed in panels and welded or seamed together.

How to print large banners

To print large banners the quality of the artwork is crucial. At Banner World we check that all artwork is suitable for printing at the big sizes.

How much does a large banner cost?

At Banner World a large banner typically costs under £8 per square metre, fully finished.

How to design a large banner?

Use our free online banner designing tool to design even large banners.