For over 3 years our partners Blue Castle Business Services have offered a unique and innovative PVC banner recycling scheme. By working with some of the UK’s biggest manufacturers and printers they have ensured tonnes upon tonnes of banner material have avoided landfill and have been re-used into a number of diverse, weird, and wonderful products. From the equestrian world lining the floors of menageries to being re-moulded into dumbbells, Blue Castle never tire of looking for innovative outlets for this hard-wearing, but notoriously hard to recycle material.

We were always aware that a large number of banners were ending up in the landfill because the end-user, the colleges, the schools, the small businesses, had no sustainable outlet for their banners. So we have decided to change that, by implementing a postal service, where individual vinyl banners can be posted to Blue Castle directly, giving access to anyone who wants to do the right thing with their banner at what would have been the end of its life.

How does it work?

  • You contact Blue Castle on 01400 283888 or email or go the Blue Castle contact form.
  • Advise how many banners you have.
  • Blue Castle charge a flat rate of £2.00 per banner.
  • You are provided with confirmation of what they have recycled, including Co2 emmissions saved.

It’s that easy..

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