What is the best Printed Banner? We produce banners on many different materials to suit various applications. Choose from PVC, Mesh or Fabric types. We also provide a range of eco banners including two front-light variants and a mesh option.

Which banner material should I choose?

We offer a wide range of different banner material options for all applications. Each material has various benefits to consider.

What is our cheapest banner?

Event Banner is the cheapest form of PVC Banner material and is ideal for short to mid-term applications. Also known as ‘scrim banner‘ or ‘laminated banner‘ it is more suitable for short term event solutions. Event banner used for short term applications is the ideal solution, but remember that the material can tear more quickly than a premium banner. For giant banners, we would recommend our 500gsm Premium Banner for extra longevity and strength.

Event banner is a laminated material. Laminated banner material has a PVC surface which is laminated both sides to a polyester woven nylon scrim middle. The banner material has a PVC outer coating, and the inner section has a fine nylon weaved mesh construction. The inner mesh gives the banner its strength. The PVC outer is then laminated to the surface using specialised glues and a heat process. Most banner material manufactured today is generally a laminated product. Laminated banner material has lower manufacturing costs due to a more cost-efficient production process.

Event banner Benefits

What is our Premium banner printing?

Premium PVC or ‘Coated’ banner material is a hardwearing, tear-resistant and an excellent solution for longer-term installations. Our 500gsm premium PVC trade banner product is a high-grade coated banner material. A coated banner product means it is hardwearing and will stand up to the elements.

Coated banners are more robust and much more tear resistant than laminated banners. Coated banners materials are made by dipping or spraying the mesh in hot plasticiser form onto a nylon mesh weave. The heated plastic then bonds itself around the mesh so it cannot delaminate and start ripping under tension. On coated banners, a small cut or tear is less likely to extend and get larger unlike a rip on a laminated product.

Premium banner printing benefits

  • High-grade banner material
  • Less likely to rip or degrade
  • Long-life outdoors durability

What is a Mesh PVC Banner?

Mesh PVC Banner material has small holes which allow air to pass through, making them ideal for exposed or windy locations. Large scaffold banners, fencing scrims and building wraps are produced on mesh material to help reduce structural wind loading.  

Mesh banners are an ideal solution to use on large sections of fencing. The banner will be less likely to rip ion adverse weather conditions as the banner surface lets surface air to pass through reducing wind loading.

On larger mesh banners it’s advised to use a reinforced hem. We produce a reinforced hem by firstly hemming the material and then adding use additional seat belt type material which adds super strength to the outer hem of your banner. Reinforcing the hem adds even more durability to the outer edges of the banner. When ordering navigate to ‘finishing options’ and select a reinforced hem.

Mesh banner benefits

  • Superb in adverse weather
  • Holes let air pass through the banner surface 
  • Reduced wind loading

What is a Double Sided Blockout Banner?

Double-sided banners use blackout material. Blackout or ‘Block out’ as its also known has light stop properties. The material contains a black layer liner which makes up the inner central section of the banner material. This central layer prevents any show through on the other side. As the liner blocks light, no light will show through the banner. Block out banners are thicker than a standard coated banner due to the extra layer in the middle at 650gsm.

As well as being a light stop material, double-sided PVC banners are super strong. This premium product is the most robust banner material on the market. If durability and strength are essential, then a heavy-duty block out banner is an exceptional solution. 

Double-sided banners have many common uses such as lamp post banners, scaffold banners and hanging banners.

Double side banner benefits

  • Excellent super strong durability
  • Printed double-sided as standard
  • High grade, anti-rip material
  • Light block material

What is a Backlight Banner?

For rear illumination, backlit banners have fantastic light show through properties. For use either externally or internally, backlit banners are mostly used in ‘Flexface’ and other types of tension-framed illuminated sign boxes.

Specially designed, backlit material diffuses light correctly. We print our backlight banners using a latex print process. Latex printing gives deep colour vibrancy when lit from behind. More commonly used in illuminated advertisements which capture the attention of passers-by in the day and at night. Standard banner material cannot be used as a backlit medium. Using a standard banner material the graphic will appear washed out when lit.

Backlight banner benefits

  • Light diffuses evenly through the material
  • Premium grade material
  • Latex inks create greater colour depth when backlit

How do you print Eco Banners?

Our Eco Banner materials are PVC-Free and 100% Recyclable. Perfect for ecologically-conscious projects. We offer two PVC free banners which are front light in two different finishes. We also provide a wind-resistant eco mesh banner. We print our eco banners using eco-friendly latex inks which contain no harmful substances. The hems and pockets on Eco banners are stitched rather than welded. We sew our environmentally friendly banners using a cotton yarn, which is also kind to the environment.

Backlight banner benefits

  • Kind to the environment
  • The material can be recycled
  • Latex inks are eco-friendly

Fabric Banners, what are the different material options? 

We print our fabric banners using dye-sublimation technology for vibrant and deep colours. Dye sublimation is a fantastic printing process. Giving deep and vibrant colours Dye-sublimation enables the printing of polyester-based materials which we can print in full colour at photographic quality. 

Polyester Banner Printing

Polyester banner printing is our most popular material option. We print most of our backdrops and stage drapes suing our standard 210 knitted polyester material. We supply polyester fabric banners in 210gsm and 115gsm weights. 210gsm is ideal for stage backdrops, or hanging banners and 115gsm is perfect for large flags. The thinner of the two materials, polyester 115 is a ‘show through’ material. The term ‘Show Through’ means that the reverse side is a mirror image of the front printed side. The 115gsm material is thin enough for the reverse to be a perfect mirror image. On polyester 210 the material is thicker, so the material remains a white finish on the reverse. The polyester material is colourfast, so the colour won’t run or fade. It can be washed and ironed at low temperatures. 

Polyester banner benefits

  • High quality printed finish
  • Lightweight material
  • High-quality dye sublimation printing

Blackback Pro

Manufactured with a polyester face, Black Back Pro has a black latex type resin backing. The backing stops light from showing through the graphic. If you have a production or an event when light show through could be an issue, then the blacked backed backdrop is the best solution.

Black-backed backdrop benefits

  • High quality printed finish
  • Light stop material
  • High-quality dye sublimation printing

AirMesh Flag

AirMesh Flag is a wonderfully light 115gsm fabric mesh that allows air to pass through. Ideal on mesh fence panels, as giant crowd flags, centre circle banners and more. Being acoustically transparent, it is also widely used as speaker covers at festivals and concerts. A polyester material, our air mesh fence banners are super strong, lightweight and durable.

Air mesh fabric printing

  • Lightweight material
  • High air-flow properties
  • Easy folding and storing

Finishing Your Banners

We mentioned on Mesh banners about reinforced banner hemming well what about standard hemming?

We would always recommend hemming your banners to give extra strength on the edges. Once you add brass or steel eyelets to the outer areas, this can add a lot of tension onto the exterior of the banner. Hemming your banners gives extra strength and weight to the outer edge of the banner to prevent tearing in the wind and adverse weather conditions.

Is thicker a banner material always stronger?

A thicker banner is not always a stronger banner. The strength of the banner is mostly due to the manufacturing process. We seem to get asked a lot in regards to GSM. Our premium and event banners are of similar thickness, but the premium is much stronger and durable. For more long term outdoor solutions, we would always advise on using our Premium banner material. See our article on Premium or Event Banner.

What is the Best Printed Banner?

For Cost

The Best printed banner for cost reasons would be our Event Banner product.

For Strength

Our strongest banner is our Double-Sided Blockout banner.

For AirFlow

For airflow, use one of our Mesh Banner materials.

For Cafe Barriers

Canvas Fabric material is regarded as the best for Cafe Banners.


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