What size is a Heras fence cover? A Heras fence cover is 3370mm x 1755mm. Heras fencing covers are manufactured to fit a Heras fence panel which is 3.45m wide x2m tall. While the term Heras is a brand name, building site fence covers have many manufacturers. Therefore, it’s always best to measure your panels before ordering any printed mesh fence banners to make sure, as some manufacturers could differ slightly.


What size is a standard Heras fence cover?

Banner world manufactures Heras fence covers at a size of 3370mm wide x 1755mm height. We have found this the best size so that your Heras fence cover fits snugly within the frame. Printed Heras fence covers that are too big or oversized can damage. Oversized banners flap and rub against the fence damaging the fence banner. We recommend that the banners be manufactured at 3370mm x 1755mm. Once fitted, the banner fits tightly to the frame like a drum skin which reduces movement

Custom size Heras fence covers

We can manufacture printed Heras fencing covers to custom dimensions. If you require them smaller or larger, please let us know; you can note the sizes when ordering through our website. The Heras fencing clips gives around 50mm (2 inches) clearance between panels. Joined
panels from panel to panel, the measurement would be 3.5m, as shown in the diagram.
Heras fence panel size

Heras fencing wraps

We also offer long lengths of all our Heras fencing banners. We advise on lengths no longer than 17.5metres or five complete panels. Due to the size and weight of Heras fence wraps, we recommend manufacturing your long fencing banners on our air mesh polyester fabric. Air mesh fabric is strong and lightweight, making it the perfect choice for long fencing banners. Please get in touch with us about the prices of our Heras fence wrap banners.


Heras fence panel corners

Our Standard fencing covers come complete with 45-degree cut angles corners. We can, though, produce our fence covers with square top edges. If you require square cut edges, please place a note on your order when placing your purchase through our website.


Heras fence cover with eyelets

Our Heras covers come with complete hem and galvanised steel eyelets offering class-leading weather resistance and durability. The internal eyelet hole aperture is 11mm.


What material is best for a Heras fence cover?

We print onto x3 different mesh materials, and all come finished with hemmed edges. Each material has certain benefits. See the full range here.


Standard Mesh Fencing Covers

Our standard Mesh PVC fence covers are very popular and perfect for site branding on a budget. Standard 330gsm allows standard airflow properties. As the air holes are tighter together gives a more solid look. The colours offer increased density and vibrancy of colours.


Premium Fabric Mesh fence Cover

Our premium Heras fences are machine washable and foldable, meaning you can use and then fold up and store ready for your next project. Our premium fabric Heras fence cover is manufactured from a polyester-based mesh fabric. The fabric is lightweight and easily foldable, making it better for storing and reusing. In addition, this product Offers high levels of airflow properties. Printed using dye sublimation means the product offer vibrant prints that are fade-resistant and colourfast. In addition, the material is dyed by ink, which means colours are infused into the fabric.


Air Mesh Air Covers for increased airflow

Our Air Mesh fence covers allow extra airflow and contain larger holes than our standard mesh. Air mesh PVC fence covers are our recommendation for fence banners subject to adverse weather conditions. Because this product has larger holes, it means that there is less of a printed face meaning colours will offer less density. We print our Airmesh Heras fence banners using UV print technology. UV offers a hard-wearing printed face, which is scratch and face proof.


Heras fence covers bulk discount.

We offer the best rates on Heras fence covers in the UK. If you have a large request, please get in touch for the best bulk discounts on Heras fence covers.


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