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PVC Mesh Heras Fence Covers allow users to cover an unsightly or private area while advertising brands and events with maximum impact on prime advertising space. These fence panel covers are printed onto tough PVC Mesh in full-colour for amazing impact.

Unlike other advertising banners and signage, full colour printed Heras Fencing Covers rarely need planning permission in city-centre locations. While hoarding panels are generally a one-off use product, Heras fencing screening can be used again and again on multiple sites. Ideal for outdoor events, a building site, construction sites or for temporary fence covers.

Heras fence scrim banners are designed to fit and are typically installed using plastic cable ties. Unlike plain heras fencing netting these covers can be used to advertise, provide information about the project or provide vital health and safety information.

IMPORTANT: Some Heras fence panels may vary slightly in size. Please check the size of your panels and advise accordingly if different from 3.5m x 2m.

Printed Heras fencing screening is available in custom sizes, see our PVC Mesh product page. We can supply as individual fence panels or as continuous lengths to wrap around an entire perimeter in one go.

Finished Heras Fence Cover 3380mm x 1770mm

  • Fully weatherproof
  • Ready to fit
  • Perfect for brand promotions
  • Ideal for health and safety information
  • Cover unsightly areas from view
  • Simple yet effective advertising
  • Flame retardant

Ideal For Construction Site Fencing

Heras fence panels around construction sites can be unsightly but are an exciting and untapped opportunity for communication and brand awareness. Mesh material is the choice of professionals as it allows wind to pass through and will prevent the panels being easily blown over.

Well designed heras fence banners can offer some privacy whilst providing an attractive view for passing traffic. Simple brand logos work well, as do full-colour photographic images, artists impressions and bold messages.

Brand Your Events

Heras fence panels are often used for outdoor events to enclose areas or to secure perimeters. Branding these with mesh fence banners is a no-brainer and considerably adds to an event’s visual appeal. They look great in photos and videos too!

When designed with a little thought, heras fencing screening can be used at event after event. They are simple to remove, store and re-use later.

Technical Specifications Back to top


Finished Heras fence cover 3380mm x 1770mm, designed to fit a standard Heras Fence Panel of 3500mm x 2000mm.


1440dpi full colour for vibrant results


330gsm Mesh PVC for wind loading performance

Heras Banner Artwork Guidelines Back to top

Accepted File Formats

We only accept files in PDF, AI, EPS, JPEG, PSD or TIF Formats

Bleed & Safe Area

No bleed, 50mm safe area

Black Composition

C50 M50 Y50 K100

Artwork DPI


Full artwork guidelines available here:
Artwork Guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions Back to top

How do I fit heras fence banners?

Heras fence banners are finished with hems and eyelets. Fitting is best done using plastic cable ties.

How big should a heras fence banner be?

We make Finished Heras Fence Covers to 3380mm x 1770mm

How long will heras fencing covers last?

If fitted correctly and tensioned, your mesh heras fence banners will last a considerable time. Our inks are fade-proof and the material is both strong and waterproof. Our finishing is done to the highest industry standards.

Can you print any design onto heras fence covers?

Yes, we print in CMYK four-colour process. This includes photographs, images and text. Your design should be sent as a PDF high resolution file.

Is the material flame retardant?

Yes. Our PVC Mesh is flame retardant to comply with all EU/UK regulations.