For Cafes, Bars, Hotels and Restaurants, ambience and in particular the level of decor can be key – especially in competitive areas. Establishments will use many innovative ideas to set themselves apart from the rest and to attract a particular demographic.

Custom wallcoverings and wall murals have always been a popular choice to create atmosphere.

Bespoke table covers are now becoming more and more sought after, and we have a couple of ideas for you.

Fabric Table Covers

Custom fabric tablecloths are easy to use – just place them over the table – and can be printed in full colour to any design specification. Have a common theme, or choose different designs for different tables.

Our favourite material for this is Polyester 210gsm, beautifully printed using dye-sublimation, easy to fold and store, and machine washable. Stitch-hemmed all round, these printed tablecloths drape superbly.

Unlike vinyl wrap covers, you will need to order spares in case of spillages and stains through the day. Most stains can be simply wiped clean, others will need to be machine washed.

Logo tablecloths and table runners are ideal for exhibitions, conferences, sample tables and events.

Top Ideas for Printed Table Covers Buy Polyester 210 fabric

Vinyl Wrap Table Covers

These self-adhesive printed wraps are trickier to install, but once on can be left in place permanently. We use a special vinyl material with an easy-apply adhesive which helps to prevent creases and bubbles on installation. The same material is used in high-end vinyl wrapping on vehicles. Laminated with a gloss or matt protective film, these wraps are hygienic, biocidal and very easy to wipe clean.

Made to any custom size, our table wraps can transform drab table tops completely. Add an extra 100mm all round the edge of your table size to allow for folding under the table surface.

Top Ideas for Printed Table Covers Buy 5 Year air release vinyl

Designing Your Table Covers

Designs can be full colour photographic or arty. Many establishments have used imagery from around the local area whilst others use imagery to add to the theme of the food, be it Italian, Indian, Thai or Chinese etc.

Many Bars have been able to fund the cost of custom table covers by support from suppliers, particularly drinks manufacturers keen to increase sales.

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