Scaffold Banners

Banner World are experts in Scaffold Banners and Scaffolding Signs, with years of experience. Our Banners, Building Wraps and Signs are all heavy duty, built-to-last, and fit-for-purpose.

We use only the best materials, including our flame-retardant rip-stop PVC. Banners are finished with heavy-duty hems, metal eyelets and tough welded pockets as standard.

Our very low prices are based on the high volume of Scaffold Banners and Scaffolding Signs we produce every week, plus our efficiency of design and manufacture.

You can place an order for just one Banner or Sign, or for hundreds.

Scaffold Banners Offer

Banner Finishing

Typical Scaffold Banners can be finished with any combination of welded/stitched hems, secure eyelets and pole pockets – included in the price.

We find the best way to finish a Scaffold Banner is to have pole pockets top and bottom. This allows you to slide scaffolding poles through. Adjusting the bottom pole allows you to tension the banner correctly and prevent it flapping around in the wind and potentially being damaged.

Banners can also be finished with eyelets, allowing you to use bungee or shock cord to secure them to existing scaffolding. Bungee cord allows some give when the wind gusts.

Banner Materials

Premium PVC Banner 500gsm

Our standard PVC banner material is our heavy duty 500gsm Premium banner. This is a rip-stop PVC and exceptionally strong. Ideal for single-sided smaller scaffolding banners.

Mesh PVC Banner 330gsm

Larger Scaffold Banners need to be printed on Mesh material or fabric to reduce wind-loading on the structure. Finished with heavy duty hems and eyelets or pole pockets.

Blockout PVC Banner 650gsm

Designed for double-sided Scaffold banners this material features a black liner which prevents the opposite side showing through. Exceptionally strong, finished with pole pockets and/or eyelets.

AirMesh Flag 115gsm

Suitable for larger areas, AirMesh Flag is a very lightweight but strong polyester fabric with mesh holes to reduce wind loading.

Banner Fitting

Smaller Scaffold Banners can be easily fitted by sliding scaffold poles through pockets top and bottom, or by bungee or shock cord to eyelets.

Larger Banners and Building Wraps need to be carefully fitted, usually by constructing a frame from scaffolding then using bungee or shock cord though eyelets to secure. This tensions the banner and allows some give if the wind gusts.