The most popular size of a PVC banner is 3m x 1m.  

Even though a 3m x 1m banner is the most popular size, it only represents around 10% of all the banners we produce.

Custom sized banners

We print banners at any dimension to fit your requirements. Measuring the area you would like the banner to fit within is always advisable.

Most popular banner sizes

Below is a list of the most popular banner sizes. The most popular sizes have been collated for our website data. Sizes are shown in metres or feet depending on which unit of measurement has been chosen through our ordering process.

Most popular banner sizes in metres

2m x 1m

3m x 2m

3m x 1.5

6m x 2m

3m x 1.2m


Most popular banner sizes in feet

8 feet x 3 feet

8 feet x 2 feet

6 feet x 2 feet

6 feet x 3 feet

4 feet x 4 feet

5 feet x 2 feet

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