When you’ve chosen the banner you want, you’ll need to consider how you want it to be hung. It may sound like a simple issue, but failure to consider the material of the banner, the place it’s being hung and even things as simple as the weather (if outdoors) could result in irreparable damage or loss of your banner. If you’re looking to advertise an event or promote your business, you may decide to hang your banner outside. However, you’ll need to do this in a way that keeps it stable, secure and free from damage while presenting it in a place where people can see it.

In this blog, we look at how to hang a banner outside, as well as providing additional advice on weighing it down and how to hang a banner on a building.

How to weigh down a banner

Providing you’ve chosen to use a weatherproof material such as PVC or mesh, your banner should be able to withstand the elements, but keeping it in one place on an especially windy day is another obstacle that you may need to tackle. Fortunately, banners are typically fitted with metal circular grommets in the corners. With these, you can choose to tie the banner to a frame that matches its dimensions or fix it between two poles with cable ties, durable rope or screws and washers.

After hanging your banner outside and using the suggested materials to hold it in place, you need to ensure it can withstand windy conditions. If you’re worried about your banner blowing away, it may be a good idea to opt for a mesh banner, as they’re made with tiny holes throughout the material, allowing the wind to blow straight through them.

However, if you’ve used a different material, you’ll need to go to extra lengths to keep your banner weighed down. One option is to use bungee cords rather than cable ties or rope. These are usually cheap to buy, and they will allow some movement but help to prevent the banner from becoming completely detached.

A mesh banner correctly hung onto fencing

How to hang a banner on a building

There are a number of ways to fix a banner to a wall, but while it’s possible to do this indoors using drawing pins, suction cups or nails, you’ll need to go to extra lengths if you want to hang your banner outside.

Assuming there aren’t any pre-installed hooks, hanging a banner to the outside of a building requires a more robust approach. You would need to consider drilling into the wall using a masonry drill bit. When you’ve got a suitable number of holes for hanging your banner, you can fix it to the wall using screws or hooks to hold it solidly in place. Although this takes more time and effort, it’s likely to be a more long-term solution.

How to hang a banner without a wall

Due to the nature of the metal grommets in all four corners of your banner, you don’t necessarily need a wall to hang it. Alternative options include suspending the banner between two poles or attaching it to a solid structure at one end so it hangs sideways or downwards. To do this, simply choose the ends that you want to be fixed and use a reliable material such as bungee cord, rope or cable ties to secure it.

Another popular option is scaffold banners. These are primarily used to inform passers-by of potential hazards or advertise the construction company at work, but they can also be used as a more generic promotion. Made from PVC or mesh, these are easy to hang, as they come with holes at each end to allow for scaffolding to be threaded through.

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