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Pole DiameterPole Pockets Explained

Pole pockets are predominantly used on banners that require hanging.  Pole pockets can sometimes cause a bit of confusion due to flat pocket size and finished size of printed banners.
Flat pocket refers to the size (height) of the banner pocket when laid flat.  ie: a 100mm flat pocket will have a circumference of 200mm

Pocket FittingDeterming flat pocket size:

Your pockets shouldn’t be tight around your pole as this can put stress on the pocket and cause it to split.  There needs to be ample space in the pole pocket for it to make a V shape at the bottom so as not to stress the banner material.
To determine the flat pocket size for your pole you’ll need to measure the diameter of your pole.  Most normal poles will be a diameter of 40mm,  50mm and 60mm.
Easiest way to work out flat pocket size for a custom pole pocket:
Diameter of pole x 3.14 will give you the circumference of the pole, then divide by 2 to give flat pocket size and then add extra for gap in pocket say an extra 50% flat pocket size.


40mm Pole = Flat pocket size 100mm (130mm clear area)
50mm Pole STANDARD SCAFFOLD POLE = Flat pocket size 125mm (155mm clear area)
60mm Pole = Flat pocket size 150mm (180mm clear area)
When creating your artwork, please make sure that important text etc doesn’t go into the pocket areas.  Background colour etc is fine or a background image, just no text logos and the like in these pocket areas.

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